Handy Diablo 2 links

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Quick Reference Cheatsheet
All that and a bag of chips in a single easy reference page.

The Arreat Summit - Official
All things Diablo 2, official website by Blizzard.

Drop Chance Calculator
Which monsters can drop the Unique that you're looking for, and what are the chances?

Rune Wizard
Punch your runes in here, and see what runewords you can make (also complete list of all runewords).

Character Skills Planner
A slick and modern character skill planner.

Magic Find Diminishing Returns Chart
Here you can see what magic find percentage effect has on rare/set and unique items.

Item Levels & Treasure Classes
A list of all unique set items and their item levels.

Hero Editor & Item Packs
Download Hero Editor Here
Download Item & Character Packs Here

Trade Values Spreadsheet
A spreadsheet of trade values on different items, actively updated!

Rune Values
Here is an approximate chart of rune values for trading

Skiller Rankings
Here is an approximate chart of skiller rankings